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The final deadline for the next round of grant funding is 5pm 19th August 2022 but we review applications on an ongoing basis and recommend you send in your application before then.

Please send your application via this website and not by email.


How to Apply

Please do not make your application any longer than 4 sides of A4 in total.

We will only accept one application per organisation per annum.

Avoid using jargon or acronyms in your application.

Please provide all of the information requested and in the following order, within your application. Regardless of any previous information supplied to us.

  • Date of application


  • Contact for the application- name, job title, email address and telephone number.
  • Charity’s name, postal address and website address.
  • Your organisation’s charitable status - Charity Registration No. We will only accept applications from registered charities with an income of less than £5 million.

We will only support organisations and projects who carry out their charitable activities in  England, Wales, or Ireland and that have a UK or Irish bank account.

  • Summarise what your organisation does, how long you have been in operation and how your organisation is successful in its work.

Project Details


  • Which of the SHCJ grant priorities, set out in the Grant Making Guidelines, does the project meet?  State briefly how it meets the priority.
  • What type of grant you are requesting and the amount? Only one year grants between £10,000 and £25,000 (maximum €25,000 in Ireland) can be requested, with the main focus on core projects and costs- although capital projects may be considered.
  • Describe the main objectives and impact of your project - who will benefit, how many and where.
  • Please provide one brief case study of someone who has directly benefited from this work.

Implementation and Timescales

  • How and when will the project be implemented and delivered? Is it ongoing or does it have a start and finish date?

Measuring the outcomes

  • How will your project be monitored and outcomes measured? Who is supporting your project- volunteers, local authority or other partnerships?

Financial Information


  • Please supply comprehensive budget details for the project and the amount of grant you are seeking. If you are seeking a grant towards core services then please supply a summarised organisational budget, for the year when the grant would be used.


  • Confirm your organisation’s total income and total expenditure from the last full year, explain any surplus or deficit and state your reserves policy within your application.
  • Supply a full set of your most recent audited accounts as a separate attachment.


  • What is your fundraising strategy and who else have you secured funding from, or applied to for funding?


  • Provide the names, organisations and email addresses for 2 independent referees that we may contact who are willing to provide a reference for your organisation’s work.

Other Information


Please confirm that your organisation has a safeguarding policy in place, if necessary, and that disclosure checks are carried out on all staff and volunteers working with children, young people or vulnerable adults.

Equal Opportunities

Please confirm that your organisation has an equal opportunities policy in place.

Additional Information:

  • If you have previously had funding from the Society of the Holy Child Jesus please let us know when the funding was received and what it was for.


  • Where did you learn about our grant making?

Apart from your annual accounts please do not send other attachments.

Please  send your application using the online form below. Attach your application document (PDF or Word) and a copy of your accounts (PDF).

Do not need to send your application by email.

Data Protection

You can find our data protection on our main Society of the Holy Child Jesus website:

View our Data Policy

We collect information when you make an enquiry about our grant making function, when you submit application for a grant and in the course of providing those services to you. The legal basis for processing your personal data is having a legitimate interest. A minimal amount of personal data is collected, stored and processed solely for the purposes described above.

If you have any questions please contact the Grants Administrator using our contact form.


Grant Submission Form





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